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Riding my build bikes as a racer on both road and mtb bikes learned me how a bike reacts, well build or shit build frames.
Knowing about geometry and having my building skills combined with my experience of being a racer for years, I know how riders demands and wishes can be translated into a well behaving, well balanced bike frame.
Nowadays I still build the Daedalus, Icarus and Perseus frames and have extended it with the newest gravel frame “Naucrate”.
Build from titanium or steel, internal wiring, disc brakes, the distinctive stainless steel KING letters on the downtube, all the possibilities are here for you to choose from.
My designs have developed in mature works-of-art but I still love “trying the new”.
Every frame name has a distinctive link to the mythology and the designs are all done by hand by me personally.
All my build frames are bespoke and therefor build around it’s rider, choice of tubing, geometry, design and colors. The end result is something so beautiful and personal that it really is part of the riders character, but in extend also is a part of me as it’s builder, like it’s a part of me, it’s like my DNA runs through it.
Build with lot’s of passion and love, every frame and bike that I’ve created reflects on me personally. As a builder. As a designer. As a cyclist. Their all part of my DNA.
Mark Lemstra


Being a bike mechanic in the ’90s, I had already learned all about building up and maintaining all sorts of bikes. Then in 2001, during my mechanical engineer study and with some help from my teacher, I decided that my challenge lied in the art of framebuilding so I just bought tubes and lugs and build a primitive jig and started building.
After a few shitty attempts the first rideable frame was born in 2002. This frame still rides in the UK nowadays.
I don’t know why but I’ve always been especially intrigued by artists like Paul Klee, W.Kandinsky, Gustav Klimt and later Dario Pegoretti so making a special design was a prestige for me.
Also I have always been interested in Greek mythology and decided to name my first born frame “Daedalus” ( Daedalus was a well known architect and of course the father of Icarus, who flew to close to the sun that it burned his self-made wings).
The brandname King hints to my family name, in Dutch it’s “de Koning”, which as we all know means King. So no link to Greek mythology here.
After the Daedalus project become satisfactory the mtb frame “Icarus” and cyclocross frame “Perseus” were build. These frames became my next art-projects and I started developing my own style in design and color-palet.