My story



Uniquely tailored high end bikes to perform!


My name is Mark Lemstra. At King I build the most beautiful bespoke bicycles from steel, stainless steel and titanium. Nowadays I can even offer you custom carbon fibre frames, build in Italy.

Each King bike is uniquely tailored to fit it's client.


I started King bicycles back in 2002, as an enthousiastic cyclist, by building bicycles for competition purpose. From the very early days of my cycling career I have been interested in steel and titanium bicycles, mostly about the craftsmanship needed to build these.


My education as a mechanical engeneer learned me the skills needed to build a proper, well balanced frame. As a jewellerysmith I mastered the craft of fine metalworks. Combined with all my passion for cycling this results in my beautiful framebuilds, painted in well-thought designs.


Every King frame and bike is carefully build to fit it's rider and stands out as a work of art, beautiful as well perfectly measured.


Custom build

Nowadays there are many framebuilders that can build you a perfectly fitted bike to your demands. I will not tell you that my bikebuilds are better than theirs.

What I can give to you is my craftsmanship and devotion to every framebuild, so that you will have a bike that feels like it is meant for you, like you were born with it as a extend of your body.


A custom build bike means that you get well fitted on the bike, but that you also have a say in the design and the feeling of the bike. We can build it with different types of tubes for different feeling.

If you like a lighter uphill bike I use other tubes than for a bike that must be stiff enough for some serious sprinting.

Cobblestones demand more from a frame in terms of damping the vibrations than riding on a smooth track.

For every use, together we choose the right tubing, or combination of tubing.


Building proces

The entire build proces starts with a talk over coffee (or tea) about what you want in a bike, we take the measurements from your current bike or we plan a full measurement of your body. But if you like we can also take a standard framesize..

From there on I special order the tubes we chose for your frame.

After the frame has been build it has to be finished. Wether you chosen it to be painted in a design, sandblasted or just plain nude, everything is done by hand and never the same as another bike.

The entire building proces varies from 12-16 weeks, depending on the complexity of the build and finishing. I will keep you updated during the entire proces of course.


In the end you will get the bike you always wanted, your last bike probably.


Remember this:

every custom build King is specially designed and build for it's rider. It says a lot about the rider, about his/her personal taste, feeling of style and expression of individalism. It is a piece of you character!